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"The Americana thrash-pop veterans will celebrate the release of a single called "Crumb" for a forthcoming album called "Bliss" on Big Stir Records."

"In the unlikely event that you've yet to experience a live performance by the hardest-working band in local show-biz, Pacey & the Honey Shakers are raucous roots revivalists led by a singer who knows exactly how to work a crowd and a lead guitarist (Andy Borunda) who could hold his own against the most exciting players in the Valley. If you go, you should pick up a copy of "Eyes on the Prize," their latest album, which in addition 13 original songs included their version of the Dramarama cut "Anything Anything (I’ll Give You)."

"When Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers released fan favorite "One For Your Heart" as the first single from Eyes On The Prize, I knew it would live up to every bit of the Americana-thrash pop they created on their debut two years ago. It's an album steeped in the alt-country sound to be sure, but there's this amazing friendly aggression behind all of Pacey's best songs (as well as guitarist Andy Borunda) that takes you to tempos you would never anticipate. Add to that Pacey's speedy delivery of sharp, cynical lyrical wisdom, and you're just waiting for each song to explode. And most of them do. Borunda's guitar wails, Ben DeLuca's drums detonate with excitement, and Dante Fiorenza's bass groove kicks in. The album is not only a showcase for Pacey's songwriting, but the brilliance of Borunda's sweltering guitar. I've always loved their cover of Dramarama's "Anything, Anything" and it's just the icing on the cake for this wonderful ride."


"Eyes on the Prize," by Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers is a decent Americana rock album with a female powerhouse vocalist. At its best best, the guitar is jamming and Carol Pacey's vocals mesh perfectly, giving the track an empowering sound. Her vocals, at times, are reminiscent of the same twangy, gravely strength as singers such as Sheryl Crow and Joan Osborne. At its worst, "Eyes on the Prize," is kitschy and uninspired. For some reason, "Oh Heart Where Art Thou," reminds me of something would be on a cat food commercial with its wacky horns and quirky vocals. Overall, it is Carol Pacey's vocal performance that shines, bringing strength and cohesion to the album. If you like Sheryl Crow or any other strong female vocalists with a touch twang, you may also enjoy "Eyes on the Prize," by Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers."

Sounds Like: 
Sheryl Crow
Joan Osborne
Recommended Tracks: 
1 One for Your Heart

"Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers have done it again, as they carve out their pioneering Americana thrash-pop sound. It’s what keeps me coming back to their debut record. Now I have two full albums to get my fill. A recent favorite in their live set has been “One for Your Heart,” so it wasn’t a surprise that this magnificent tune is both the first single and the album opener. It takes half the song to take flight, but when it does there’s no looking back.

This album is thick with Southwestern imagery, and you can practically taste the dust in the air on such songs as “Dust Devil Spin.” Meanwhile, there are longer songs that show amazing songwriting growth, like “Dangerous Games,” the title track, and the stunning “I Feel Love.” In the realm of songwriting, this album makes leaps and bounds over their debut and engages in more forward rock ’n’ roll. Eyes on the Prize is a fantastic romp that incorporates influences as far flung as dixie and ragtime, making for a wonderfully thorough exploration in purely American music.

Check out the horns and keys on “Oh Heart Where Art Thou” or the trucker-rock feel of “Rock and Roll Star.” The deep summer swing of “Just Right for Me” has as much jazz influence as it does hip hop. There are plenty of singles to be found here, like “Walk Away Now,” which is another live favorite, or “White Glove”—although they may want to go with something a bit more unusual, like “Don Julio.” The special surprise on the album is a cover of Dramarama’s “Anything Anything (I’ll Give You),” which I never expected them to record and am forever grateful that they did. As fantastic as their debut but with even more depth, style and ambition.

Top 5 Shows of the Week: Oct 7 – 13

I had such a great time hanging out with Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda of Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers and getting to know them and the band better! We had a blast. Learn how they started in music, and how one bad day and a Craig's List ad brought them together 5 years ago. If you're hearing this before October 8, head to Pho Cao in Scottsdale for their free, all ages CD release show beginning at 8:30 pm with: 

- Acoustic performance from Shawn Johnson 
Black Rabbits 
Labor Party 
Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers 
- emceed by the lovely Windy West
KWSS will be hanging out there too! Enjoy this interview, I sure did! 

Hardest-working band in local show-biz? I've been known to call them that. This show is celebrating the release of a raucous new album called "Eyes on the Prize" that sounds like that's exactly where they had their eyes while working on the followup to "Yeah Yeah Yeah." As Pacey puts it on the title track, "Eyes on the prize, that's how I roll." Guitarist Andy Borunda, who tears up the fretboard like a guy who could've held his own in Lynyrd Skynyrd, says, "We are very excited for people to hear what we've been up to. This album has a diverse mix of music with a lot of depth and layers to it. We wanted to make sure this is done how we wanted so it just takes time and it's going to be well worth it." In addition to 13 originals, they're including their version of Dramarama's "Anything Anything (I’ll Give You)," written by John Easdale, a friend of the band.

"For 'Y3,'" Pacey says, "I wanted 12 tracks that rocked from start to finish, all thriller and no filler! For this record, I wanted the same, but with a different dynamic which I think we achieved with our track selection as well as working again with sound engineer and co-producer, Joseph Asselin at Switchblade Sound."

"Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers have gone and released a brand new album on us and this here is the release party. It seems like it’s going to start slow and easy with Shawn Johnson and then kick out the jams with Black Rabbits, Labor Party and of course Pacey & Co. Did I mention she’s releasing her second album? I’ll probably write more about that later."

Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers — "One For Your Heart"
If the preview single for the new Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers album is any indication, their soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Eyes On The Prize, will live up to every bit of the Americana-thrash-pop they created on their debut two years ago. "One For Your Heart" has been a fan favorite in their live set for some time, at least one of my favorites, but it's one I've noticed where other people in the crowd have seen it enough to sing along to it. It's a song steeped in the alt-country sound to be sure, but there's this amazing friendly aggression behind all of Pacey's best songs (as well as guitarist Andy Borunda) that takes you to a tempo you simply don't expect. Add to that Pacey's speedy delivery of sharp, cynical wisdom lyrically and you're just waiting for it to explode, and two minutes in it does exactly that. Borunda's guitar wails, Ben DeLuca's drums detonate with excitement, and Dante Fiorenza's bass groove kicks in. It's an amazing build up to a tremendous pay off. That said, if you weren't aware of The Honey Shakers' style, the moment that the song soars for the sky may surprise the uninitiated, and the velocity never really abates, even though it may soften for a moment. Eyes On The Prize is set to be released next week and if this is any indication, it may well leave Yeah, Yeah, Yeah in the dust.

Not a lot has been heard from Onus Records’ alt-country and roots rock  imprint as of late. Last year saw the release of  Mill’s End’s EP The Swann Sessions and several tracks by The Extended Play  but that’s about to change now that Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers will shortly be releasing their new album “Eyes on the Prize”  under the auspices of Ca-Ho-Nus and commemorating this latest offering with a CD release show October 8 at Pho Cao. The first recorded evidence  of the 14-song set is being issued as this week’s “Single of the Weekend” and it’s called “State of Affairs..” It captures the heavier sound the band evinces when they play in clubs that was not as apparent on the band’s first CD. 

“It’s an uptempo in-your-face rock song!” says the group’s guitarist Andy Borunda, who is also the song’s co-writer.  “’State of Affairs’is a band favorite to play and interestingly enough, one of the very few songs of ours  based in a blues key.”

For Carol, it’s the first song she’s ever co-written with anybody. “And that anybody is Andy Borunda,” she says. “I wrote part of the song then I asked Andy to play along with it to see where he would naturally take it musically. I then used his direction to finish the song. What it’s about it up to the listener!”

This is a great show for a great cause. A handful of the Valley's finest – the Haymarket Squares, Carol Pacey & the Honeyshakers, Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold, and Betsy Ganz of the SunPunchers with multi-instrumentalist Jon Rauhouse – have joined forces for the benefit of a local photographer who's shot a lot of local acts for free, including Pacey's Honeyshakers. As Honeyshakers guitarist Andy Borunda says, "He's kind of a local music fixture."

Ziemba is currently dealing with stage four colon cancer. There will be a slide show playing throughout the night featuring his photography of local musicians. Attendees will have the option of paying however much they want beyond $8 for donation purposes towards Cancer Research.

The Haymarket Squares just topped our countdown of the year's best music videos by Phoenix artists with "Let's Start a Riot" (and finished seventh on that same list with the video to "Heaven"). Rauhouse just released a great new album, “The Jon Rauhouse Orchestra Featuring Tommy Connell," before heading back out on the road with Neko Case. And I am really liking what I've heard so far from "Eyes on the Prize," the raucous new album the Honeyshakers are releasing in October.

“Volume 10” is a two-disc collection with 41 tracks from the likes of Mega Ran, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, the Venomous Pinks, Fairy Bones, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers, Captain Squeegee, French Girls, Harper and the Moths, Tobie Milford, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, No Volcano, Harrison Fjord and Labor Party. And it’s just $3, with all proceeds benefiting the Arizona Cancer Foundation and the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. They’ll also be taking donations for both charities at all eight Zia Records locations starting Record Store Day through the end of the month."

"These Tempe rockers are in the midst of working on the followup to "Yeah Yeah Yeah." Guitarist Andy Borunda says, "We are very excited for people to hear what we've been up to. This album has a diverse mix of music with a lot of depth and layers to it. We wanted to make sure this is done how we wanted so it just takes time and it's going to be well worth it." The album features 14 songs and "a couple of very special guests," Borunda says, on horns and keyboards. In addition to 13 originals, they're including their version of Dramarama's "Anything Anything (I’ll Give You)," written by John Easdale, a friend of the band.

"For 'Y3,'" Pacey says, "I wanted 12 tracks that rocked from start to finish, all thriller and no filler! For this record, I wanted the same, but with a different dynamic which I think we achieved with our track selection as well as working again with sound engineer and co-producer, Joseph Asselin at Switchblade Sound." The album art is once again by Michael McCartney of DezignZ By Soup in Oregon, who did the album art and layout on their previous release."

"Carol Pacey is an East Coast transplant who fell in love with the Arizona landscape and decided to get a band together. She and her Honey Shakers play a very spunky blend of folk, rock, and alt-country. Her voice is effortless and glides like silk through any of the specific styles she chooses to embrace. There’s a sense of power and comfortability that permeates the band’s offerings. Whether it’s an up-tempo stomper that gets you dancing, or a low and slow ballad, the band as a unit is strong."

Our show was one!!!

Americana music has come to be an all inclusive tag for a wide range of indie types of music.  Including, but never limited to what one may think; whether we are listing folk, bluegrass, cowpunk, rockabilly, country rock, etc... it pretty much enlightens the spirit of independent music that can be played and heard on any front porch, bar, pub, or saloon stateside.

Carol Pacey, of Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers, has taken it upon herself to reach out and create Americana Festivals here in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Never be it far from her to create a wide cross section of independent bands for a night of beer sweetened music, she also stretches her fingers to include working with local and national charities to make her festivals a win-win for all corners of the Americana flag.

The final Americana festival just wrapped itself up recently, and Carol took a few moments to talk with me about this second annual event.

Operation Santa Claus!  "...we've got awesome music..." We are featured about half-way thru...!

"This band gigs tirelessly with indefatigable good cheer that does not come easily with a busy itinerary. "Eye on the Prize" is an anomaly in their set in that it sounds ANGRY! It certainly wrings considerable fire in Andy Borunda's playing – unfriendly fire --which is a direction the band will hopefully pursue on its next CD."

"On Saturday, Nov. 22, Carol Pacey of the Honey Shakers hosts an unplugged evening local songwriters Dave Vitagliano of Squiddog, Nolan McKelvey and Jim Bachmann, sharing songs and the stories behind those songs."

Show nod....  ;o)

"The Phoenix based musicians that worked their ass off promoting and selling tickets for this show deserved far better than that. Especially because up until Capital Cities performance Friday night, Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers, Murietta, and Dry River Yacht Club were really the only highlights of day one."

"And together they are Americana Power Pop or as I like to call their style Americana Crack an explosion of good times, groovy feelings and great country rock! Ready to set your mood off into the land of friends/family, Friday nights, music, and letting all your cares fall away."

"Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers is on now and her southern rock sound is going over pretty well with the Summers End Crowd. The location of the stage makes it hard for her sound to really catch with the masses but maybe 200 people are hearing her play."

"Vocal shotgun deliver, guitar velocity, pounding punk drums, and a bass groove to make you drool this song has it all–there are no shortcomings here.  There is irony, it is one of the most lyrically negative songs in the album and it’s also one of the hardest rocking. “Thank you Tempe and goodnight” indeed."

"Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers has performed at numerous events and venues around town and will add to its long list of live sets when it plays SEMF on day one. The female-fronted group, which released its Yeah Yeah Yeah LP in April, is known for compiling rock, alt-country and folk components to produce music that will get listeners shaking and grooving."

TWO show nods...

"Headlining an Americana Rocks night at Last Exit Live, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers captured live in Phoenix AZ on July 24, 2014. They played many of the songs from their new cd, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah.’"

LOVE -- "“Pastures of Plenty” has a stand-out performance from Carol Pacey, the Valley’s own Americana sweetheart..."  Listen here...

10 local shows to see in July in metro Phoenix

"Led by charismatic front woman Carol Pacey, the debut album by Tempe's Honey Shakers, "Yeah Yeah Yeah," offers a driving brand of Americana, alt-country and rock and roll that should appeal to any Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers fan. Plus, check out local country great the Earps and Mr. Eastwood."

"Wow...finally getting the chance to listen to the new album "Yeah Yeah Yeah" from Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers and it is absolutely blowing my mind--it may be the most perfect crossroads where Country Rock/Americans meets Power Pop...and at the speed most of it is presented it, it's like Americana Thrash Pop--Amazing." 

Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers, "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

"Having seen Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers live only once, I came away with the impression that in another life or maybe at some point in this one, Carol P's perky personality and unremitting optimism would be a great fit for making children's records with an accompanying TV show, an impression reinforced by fact that they had a song in their set (not included here) that flat-out said "We are the Honeyshakers," in the same, self-referential theme tradition as everyone from the Imagination Movers to the Aquabats (and the Archies for your Boomers who think everything revolves around you)."

There's more to this review...just click the link above or the photo below by Shawn Anderson of AZCentral.!  

"The rustic rocknroll of Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers would have been a good fit with the crowd of the old Tempe Long Wong's, which I guess is now the old old Wong's. Earthy and earnest without any of the frills, Yeah Yeah Yeah captures the band's raw barroom musicality. The album drops on April 22nd but the band will be celebrating the release on Saturday, April 26th, in downtown Tempe as part of the Tempe Music Revival (more here). Live and loud is my preferred format for Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers so I suggest procuring your copy of Yeah Yeah Yeah at a show. You can listen to an early track from the album here where, conveniently, show dates for Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers can also be found."

“Music is important to Tempe’s vibe. Our city is home to some fabulous bands, like the Gin Blossoms, the Pistoleros, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and now, a new generation of bands such as Banana Gun, Jared and the Mill and Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers,” Tempe City Councilmember Joel Navarro said. “Tempe Music Revival gives people a chance to hear some of this great music and encourages creative bands to play here.” 

"Saturday was a long day full of local and touring bands that mostly fell into the category of jam band or reggae music. Throughout the day, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, Jared and the Mill, and Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers mixed things up with folk sets."

Photos by Shawn Anderson of AZCentral.

Remember our interview in Vents Mag?  Here it is again at the WOD, we, along with the Lovelost, are the WOD's first featured local bands!

"Playing a solo acoustic set, Carol Pacey captured live at Gluttons restaurant in downtown Tempe AZ on January 12, 2014. A mad sound system elevated the evening from background music to a real showcase for local female singer/songwriters."

"Tempe musicians, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers captured live at Last Exit Live in Phoenix AZ on January 11, 2014. Working on their first cd, CPHS were recently added to the local stage at the McDowell Mountain Festival, chosen out of 150 bands who wanted the opportunity and exposure."

"One of the ten local shows to see in January...Lead by charismatic front-woman Carol Pacey, Tempe’s Honey Shakers offer a driving brand of Americana, alt-country and rock and roll that should appeal to any Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers fan.They’re set to release their debut album later this year. Be sure to get there early to check out locals 13 to the Gallows, Treasurefruit and the Minor Injuries."

Photo by Noemy Esparza-Isaacson.

"Who would’ve thought that going to an Alive at Five event at Arizona State University would’ve given me the opportunity to capture promo shots of a band and THEN have them do a complimentary house party at MY house for our annual tamalada? I have my son, Travis, to thank for this one, let me tell you!"

"Recently during a recent practice jam session a few local scene musicians were discussing with me their local music scene. It seemed to them and others they played with- the energy that was held during the 90′s had been missing, but they felt it was stirring again. All agreed it would be up to the heart of the local music scene to create this excitement, and the time was right. So with this in mind, I ran across a local band in the Phoenix Metro area that personifies this drive, but to kick it up another notch higher and state their own unique ‘buzz’ to livin, lovin… and believe it or not… its fronted by a woman!

Today is the kicker, to be able to chat with Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers. Carol is the front woman for the band and if honey is sweet- then its consistency is also a victorious Americana blitz of kick butt formulation, as Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers give a raucous glow to the alt-country, folk, rock n roll mix."

Photo by Mindy DeLuca.

“I’m trying to organize a photo shoot with all the local female leads,” Chelsey Louise of Phoenix-founded Fairy Bones said about a month ago. ”If I did just female musicians it would be too much. I thought I’d start with just the leads.”

"She has had the idea of creating more community for female musicians in the Valley for some time now. It finally happened on Sunday, September 22, when 15 local front women from different bands and different genres got together for the first time."

"We delve into the fascinating world of female front women and their unique perspectives in a male-dominated profession."

Photo by Devon Adams, Evan Short and Joe Abbruscato.

*After posting this link on 9/14/2016, it mysteriously disappeared...crazy internet!*

"“Fool,” the first single from Carol & the Honey Shakers’ first full length album is rip roarin’ Americana track with a healthy dose of Alt-Country thrown in for good measure. Pacey tells a very good girl-power story and the musicianship is terrific. If the rest of the album is as good as this track, I am sure all of our honey will be shakin’. Look for the album late 2013 or early 2014."

"You guys were amazing last night!!! Blew my mind!"

"If you thought "Upbeat Americana" was a misnomer, think again...and check out Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers, whose rockin' tunes will make you feel really good! We're very glad to welcome them back for their second straight IPO Phoenix!"

"Music on Mill will bring acoustic musicians to Mill Avenue this fall, giving passers-by the chance to listen to live music."

"The three-year-old program is going “unamped,” after resident complaints led the city to implement new noise reducing policies. Musicians on Mill Avenue will no longer play with amplifiers, said Mill Avenue special programming director Leslie Criger.  “It will create a different vibe than last year,” Criger said.  Music on Mill is free to the public and will be every Thursday night from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. starting Oct. 4, and will continue until the end of June.  The program usually consists of soloists or duos, with six to 12 groups playing at a time.  Criger said the program received negative feedback from the neighboring businesses when musicians turned their music up too loud.  In late August, the Tempe City Council endorsed a pilot program to control noise in the downtown Tempe community. The program doesn’t allow amplified or excessive noise unless a musician or person gets a Special Events Permit from the Mill Avenue District first.  Tempe’s downtown community and city staff will meet in December to determine the impact the program has had on noise control.  Criger said she noticed the new pilot program has worked out well for performing artists during the weekends.  “A lot of people are stopping and talking to the musicians now,” she said. “It’s awesome.”  There is no fee to play during Music on Mill, and musicians are typically paid $10 to $50 depending on how many musical groups are playing that night.   Criger said the program gives people a reason to spend more time on Mill Avenue."

"Last year, Carly Lenniger, 16, started playing at Music on Mill with her twin sister, Shea, and younger sister, Amber, 14.   “When we were playing, people were out on the balconies cheering,” Carly said. “I liked that everyone walking by was enthusiastic and it was just a really fun atmosphere.”   Carol Pacey started playing at Music on Mill in August 2009. Pacey, 43, didn’t start playing guitar until she was 35 years old.   “I didn’t have what it took to play in a venue yet,” she said.   Pacey said it’s a great program that allows musicians to find their sound.   “I felt like I was getting my chops on the street,” she said.   Pacey usually performs solo during Music on Mill, singing and playing acoustic guitar. Sometimes fellow band mates of Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers join her.   “(Music on Mill) is a nice balance between newer and seasoned musicians,” she said."

Photo by Abraham Karam.

""Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is one of those songs: no matter who you are or your circumstances, you feel something listening to it. For most, it's the sound of childhood, a beautiful and hopeful song that conjures up images of wistfulness and memory. Plenty of musicians have offered soulful renditions of the song, but we're immediately drawn back to the visual of Judy Garland as Dorothy, longing to get out of Kansas. Local folk rockers Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers covered this song for that very reason. "It's very positive and upbeat," says guitarist Andy Borunda. "Everybody pretty much has a good time with it." We captured Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda performing the song as part of Mill Avenue's Third Thursday series."


"A little folk and a lot of rock 'n roll and pop makes up the cool, Americana sound delivered by Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers! The band is really tight, and Carol has quite a powerful, assured voice! This is a band guaranteed to make you dance!"